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Stepping Stones Lighthouse Preservation Project

Stepping Stones Lighthouse was built in 1876 to warn mariners of a shoal and extensive rocks that extend into Long Island Sound northward from Kings Point.  Built in the Victorian Second Empire style, it was modernized in 1944, and remains a vital aid to navigation to this day.  The lighthouse itself is in poor condition, and needs to be repaired.  If it decays any further, there is a strong probability that it will be demolished, and a navigational beacon erected in its place.  Please help us restore this piece of our history!  It has been estimated that the needed repairs will cost in the range of $4 million.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Stepping Stones Lighthouse partnership is to restore, preserve and protect the Stepping Stones Lighthouse structure. Its preservation will provide a magnet for educational programs and tours, a focal point for historical research, an icon for promoting safe boating, and a location for monitoring the environmental health of Long Island Sound.

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